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Работа в Донецке / Резюме / Топ-персонал
37 лет (родилась 26 мая 1982)
Славянск, готова к переездуКиев
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HR Director

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Опыт работы 9 лет и 7 месяцев

    • июнь 2015 – работает сейчас
    • 4 года и 3 месяца

    HR Coordinator

    People In Need


    HR planning, budgeting and overall coordination Staff contracts management, administration of HR-related documents flow Recruitment and on-boarding coordination Staff appraisal coordination Capacity building coordination Motivation and retention, compensation and benefits coordination Personnel coordination, capacity building, process improvement and knowledge sharing
    • июнь 2012 – июнь 2015
    • 3 года и 1 месяц

    HR Director

    The company "Exclusive Group", Донецк (Донецкая область)
    (salons furniture, lighting, kitchenware gift of Lux class)


    Development and implementation of HR policies, regulatory documentation; search and recruitment, labor market analysis and the level of wages formation of internal and external personnel reserve of adaptation of personnel; assessment and certification of personnel; organization and control of HR administration; HR audit; Review and coordination of issues related to the remuneration (fees for jobs, salaries, supplements, etc) payroll, budgeting. Organization of corporate events.
    • февраль 2010 – май 2012
    • 2 года и 4 месяца

    HR Director

    The company "Iris" (Retail chain of furniture), Киев
    Retail chain of furniture


    Development and implementation of standards for HR-functions in accordance with the strategic goals of the company development of normative documents regulating the activities, responsibilities and powers of department joint participation with the heads of departments to optimize business processes dentification of training needs of staff search and selection of staff; Adaptation and evaluation of staff; Monitoring the labor market and wages advise the heads of departments on the interaction with the staff 2009 - 2010 - "Butyrin" (The company distributor, food products) Position: HR-manager (in the submission 1 person) organization of work of service of the staff from scratch (development of all regulations and procedures HR-service) search and selection of personnel on vacant positions The head office and branch network; monitoring of the labour market and the level of wages; an estimation of the personnel; development of personnel regulatory documents• Training of staff (It was founded "School of trade representatives"), creation of training programmes and their introduction. 2008 - 2009 - Corporation "Continent"" (network retail specialty stores tile, sanitary engineering, furniture for bathrooms) Position: HR-manager search and selection of personnel to fill the vacant post Of the head office and branch network study of the labour market, wage levels to develop a concept of selection of the personnel an estimation of the personnel certification of the personnel (development of regulatory documents, organization and execution of the event, report writing) adaptation of personnel training of the personnel at the stage of placement the development of job descriptions, regulations, standards of work of the personnel of retail network profiles, posts, competences) 2007 - 2008. "COMMERCIAL BANK PIVDENCOMBANK" (Head office) Position: manager on the personnel Search and selection of personnel of structural divisions of the bank Adaptation of personnel Motivation of the personnel Formation of requirements to the posts, according to the application of the heads of the structural units Job posting with the help of mass media and Internet - resources Assessment and selection of candidates for the vacant position, drawing up specifications. Testing and questioning of candidates, verification of recommendations Participation in the organization of certification of the personnel (duty regulations, orders, etc) Monitoring of the labour market and the level of wages • 2005 – 27.06.2007 - Recruiting company "Perspektiva" (search and selection of top and middle management) Position: manager on the personnel Official duties: • Search and selection of the personnel for the russian and foreign companies

Сертификаты, курсы

    • 2017

    English for NGOs

    NGO Forum
    • 2017

    Management and Leadership

    Golden Staff
    • 2012

    Radically change the labor laws

    Learning Center Planet.
    • 2011

    English Language course

    American English Centr
    • 2010

    Оptimal motivation system of company personnel

    Kiev"Оptimal motivation system of company personnel» (2 days)
    • 2010

    "Evaluation of staff from A to Z"

    Training Center "Personal-Rost
    • 2007

    Training "Effective methods of evaluation and selection of candidates for employment in the work


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